TIMES MIRROR | Can Walk Gujarati, Talk Gujarati

Ahmedabad Mirror | Updated: Sep 11, 2017, 02.00 AM IST | View Original

WHILE the world is shrinking and we take pride in being recognised as global citizens, there are some who of them who fiercely guard their cultural identity and keep in touch with their roots. One among them is Dr Karan Jani, an astrophysicist renowned for his work on gravitational waves. The US-based researcher, who has been listed in Forbes’ 30 under-30 global leading young change makers and innovators, ensures he nurtures the Gujarati-ness in him.

On Sunday, Jani delivered a lecture on Black Hole at GU Senate Hall via videoconferencing. When GU VC Himanshu Pandya asked him how could he speak Gujarati so fluently when he completed his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the US, Jani, an alumnus of Vadodara’s Shreyas Vidyalaya, responded, “I maintain a diary and write everything in it in Gujarati. The thinking process too happens in Gujarati.” The audience burst into a loud applause. Now, that’s quite inspiring.

FocusDikssha Dinesh